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Living Space Today is a Proud Supplier of Building Finishes in South Africa

Living Space Today was established in July 2009, marketing premium quality Building Finishes on-line, following the booming E-Commerce trend. By utilizing the latest technology and outsourcing key operational functions of the business, it allowed us to offer products at competitive prices.

Living Space Today provides an on-line Procure | Facilitate | Deliver service to customers. Our extensive network of suppliers and logistics service providers enable us to deliver to any address in South Africa.

Although our business focus is on-line shopping, we do have a display room in Pretoria. You can expect a diverse selection of finishing products and solutions from a substantial network of well-known brand names. Our web based shop provides shoppers with images, technical drawings and specs making it possible for them to make knowledgeable choices. Further specialized and useful assistance is currently accessible - LIVE; by using the new CHAT facility on Living Space Today’s website. Our customers can purchase and receive even bulky goods without having to leave the comfort of their homes or workplaces.

Living Space Today aims to provide an easy, straightforward shopping experience.

Living Space Today is a Proud Supplier of Building Finishes in South Africa