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    A wide variety of bathtubs for your traditional and modern bathroom designs! Select from our Corner Baths, Freestanding Baths, Oval Baths, Rectangular Baths, Shower Baths and Spa Baths ranges.

    Living Space, offers an excellent and wide range of baths for sale in Gauteng. These days, baths are no longer simply a necessity, and have become much more than simply a large container to hold water in when you take a luxurious bath in your traditional or modern bathroom. Baths have become an accepted practice for health benefits and personal hygiene. Baths have truly become a fashion statement in bathroom design when creating your living space, and the many bath designs available these days will keep even the connoisseur happy. Selecting the correct bath tub for your bathroom design will most certainly increase the value of your home. About Baths and Bathroom Design Baths, also known as "bathtubs" or more informally, a "tub", are categorized as follows:

    Living Space, offers all these types of baths for sale in Gauteng and the rest of South Africa. Baths are commonly available in white, but many more colours are available on request. Living Space, your trusted bathroom supplies provider, however recommends that when buying your bath, it is better to be safe and select a white bath. This is due to the fact that in most cases, different bathroom accessory manufacturers will be used in the bathroom design, and therefore, colour consistency cannot be guaranteed. If you select a white bath, shade variations will be harder to spot, and will make is easier to match your bath to your other sanitary ware and bathroom accessories. Baths and bathroom accessories also do not need to be an expensive endeavor. Modern technology has contributed a lot towards savings in the manufacturing cost of bath, be it freestanding baths, or built-in baths. In the late 19th century clawfoot baths (sometimes spelled claw-foot baths) were considered a luxury item, as the bath was freestanding and made from cast-iron lined with porcelain. Luckily, these days, baths are now being manufactured from Cian® Solid Surfacing, QUARRYCAST®, DADOquartz, and even more cost effective material like Acrylic. All these new, modern bath tub materials have given the old bath tub a new modern look and a bright future at cost effective prices.