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    Plexicor Diva Freestanding Baths

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    product Description

    Plexicor Diva Freestanding Bath

    The Diva bathtub is a square, spacious, free standing bath built for comfort.

    The Plexicor Diva Bath offers a spacious, squared lay-out and comes with an acrylic surround which allows it to be utilized as a stand-alone tub. This bathtub is manufactured from a high quality acrylic and retains heat effectively.

    Sizes: 1700x800x450mm or 1800x800x450mm

    Water volume capacity to overflow: 263 litres

    PLEXICOR's comprehensive and stylish range of products is a South African household legacy that will continue to bring only the best baths to the South African market and beyond. All products carry a 10 Year Manufacturer’s warranty.