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    River Range Colorado SRB035 Freestanding Baths

    R8,200.31 R7,079.00
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    product Description

    River Range Colorado SRB035 Freestanding Bath

    A beautiful, high quality, oval skirted freestanding bath that can also be installed outdoors.

    River Range baths are made from fully recyclable acrylic that is 17 times stronger than glass and offers excellent resistance to outdoor weathering as it is UV stable. It has a proven long service life and is easy to clean. Acrylic baths also has good heat retention.

    Size: 1800x950x550mm

    RIVER RANGE's comprehensive and stylish range of products is a South African household legacy that will continue to bring only the best baths to the South African market and beyond. All products carry a 10 Year Manufacturer’s warranty.