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    Victoria & Albert Amalfi AML-N-SW Freestanding Baths

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    product Description

    Victoria and Albert Amalfi Freestanding Slipper Bath

    The Amalfi modern Slipper bath is manufactured from a rare volcanic limestone mixed with resin.  Soft, contoured sides descend gracefully to the floor.

    This unique design hides all plumbing, complementing a modern, clean Living Space.  An extended backrest provides head and back support, essential for those long luxurious soaks. Maintaining super-clean lines, the Amalfi freestanding bath is manufactured with no overflow. If an overflow is required a hole can be drilled as per the specification document provided. Recommended waste and overflow plumbing kits are the V&A K12 and K17.

    The rimless Amalfi 55 countertop basin is designed to complement the Amalfi slipper bath. Both the Amalfi bath and basin have easy-clean, high gloss finishes which allow for the exterior to be painted.

    An additional accessory, the dedicated headrest designed for the Amalfi bath, comes with suckers for easy positioning and height adjustments. The Lido and Lido Grande tap-stands for accommodation of deck-mounted bath mixers are also available - a clever way to hide the plumbing. Freestanding bath mixers can also be opted for as an alternative to the tap stands.


    • Length: 1640mm
    • Width: 800mm
    • Height: 700 to 850mm
    • Depth: 500mm
    • Water capacity: 240 Litre
    • Recommended waste and overflow: K12 and K17
    • Special options: Lido and Lido Grande tap stand

    The Victoria & Albert Amalfi bath and basin are guaranteed for 25 years.