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    Victoria & Albert Richmond RIC-N-SW Freestanding Baths

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    product Description

    Victoria and Albert Richmond Double-ended, Rolled-top Freestanding Bath

    The Richmond bath is a double-ended, modern, freestanding bathtub. It is manufactured from a rare volcanic limestone mixed with resin. Its double-ended design creates an alternative look to that of the V&A Wessex and Hampshire baths.

    The Richmond bath is an elegant double-ended, roll-top bath featuring art deco feet. International styling suits modern or period settings and is highly suitable for smaller bathrooms. Combined with chromed freestanding mixer and inlet/waste plumbing it will impress and be a stunning addition to the décor of your bathroom. The V&A Radford 51 or Drayton 40 Countertop Basins are designed to complement the Richmond. The bath and basins all have easy clean high gloss finishes, which allows for the exteriors to be painted.

    QUARRYCAST® is made from finely ground Volcanic Limestone™ mixed with resin. As the stone-rich alternative to both cast iron and acrylic it is 100% one piece, hand finished and packed with naturally desirable properties (Victorian & Albert). All V&A baths and basins carry a 25 year manufacturer’s warrantee.


    • Length: 1670mm

    • Width: 745mm

    • Height: 603mm

    • Water capacity: 227 Litres