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    Franke Spazio 301151 Space Saving Plumbing Kits 50/90mm Outlet

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    product Description

    Space saving plumbing kits, form Franke.

    Being the World's largest manufacturer of kitchen sinks and taps, Franke is in the forefront of research and development of new products for your kitchen. The key role in home improvement makes it essential to optimize space in your cupboards below the sink. The days are gone for the space below your sink to be wasted. With the Franke Spazio space saving plumbing kits your solution is here if it's a single-, double or triple bowl sink.

    Installing a Waste Disposer is easy with the Spazio III space saving plumbing kit when fitted to your triple bowl sink.


    • Space saving plumbing kits which facilitate outlet connections for washing machines and dishwashers.
    • Fully adjustable to suit bowl heights and positions.
    • Kit includes waste and 90mm plug for your stainless steel sink.

    Kit Sizes

    • Spazi F/1 Single Bowl 301151
    • Spazi F/2 Double Bowl 301251
    • Spazi F/3 Triple Bowl 301351

    Franke Spazio Space Saving Plumbing Kit 1 301151Franke Spazio Space Saving Plumbing Kit 2 301251Franke Spazio Space Saving Plumbing Kit 3 301351