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SPECIAL OFFERS & DISCOUNTS updated on a monthly basis

Living Space Today offers special prices on a variety of products, reviewed and if need be, updated on a monthly basis.

Our customers will easily identify our products that are on a special promotion as the discounts are indicated as follow:

Libra Cubo Freestanding Baths



You Save: R2,400.00

The discounted price is normally our best price, except if it is a forward order. Forward Orders are orders placed well in advance of our normal delivery lead-time of 5 – 7 working days. When a customer place a forward order the following discounts will apply:

• 15 Working days - 3%

• 30 Working days - 6%

• 60 Working days+ - 9%

Prices for Forward and Lay-Bye orders will be the prices as it appears on the website and will not incur any price increases or interest charges over the Forward Order or Lay-Bye time periods agreed to.

Living Space Today only deals with South African Companies.