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WE PROCURE | FACILITATE | DELIVER to ensure choice, quality and latest designs

Living Space Today is an Internet-based business sometimes also called a:

• dotcom

• e-business

• e-tailer

• webshop

• e-commerce business

Companies could have e-commerce departments alongside their traditional physical stores and retail outlets or e-commerce could be a business’s only channel to market, as is the case with Living Space Today.

Living Space Today has the capacity to source & procure almost any home finishing product in South Africa - except products that are being sold exclusively by other retailers.

However, that being said, it is impossible to list all the products that we can procure in the Living Space Today’s Online Catalogue. Customers should therefor feel free to send us their requests of products or specific product models that they do not find in our Online Catalogue.

Living Space Today has an extensive supply & distribution network with formal buying agreements in place. These agreements enable Living Space to supply products which people would normally purchase from traditional retailers, at excellent prices.

Living Space Today’s facilitation of the Online Buying process implies that the customer can:

• initiate the procurement process with the minimum effort

• be assisted with no travelling or physical effort involved

• receive advice/technical specifications/quotes online

• order online

• pay online

Living Space Today delivers the expected quality products with value adding services to any address in South Africa at competitive prices.

Living Space Today only deals with South African Companies.